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Thailand Motor Expo 2018, if you are AIS customer, you can have free entrance tickets!


I think Motor Expo is one of the biggest event in thailand. This year 2018, they have it from 29 November until 10 December.

Sellers have a lot of promotion in this event so normally we can buy a car lower price than normal ordinary price. So this event have a huge car sales every year.

This year, this event will held at Impact Muangtongtani same with last year. And if you are using AIS (cell phone carier) you can have free entry ticket at AIS Serenede shop, AIS Shop or TeleWiz shop.

1 AIS number can get 2 tickets, they distribute from 1-Nov to 30-Nov at the shop until their stock will be empty.

So if you are using AIS, nad have plan to go to Motor Expo 2018, you should go to AIS shop and get the ticket.

By the way, normal entrance fee is 100 THB.


Regarding free ticket of AIS is HERE
Official Web Site of Motor Expo 2018 is HERE


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I got free tickets!

Today (7-Nov-2018), I got free tickets at AIS shop near my apartment.

I worried that shop staff know about this free ticket or not, but i show the picture of AIS (Free Motor show ticket), upper side in this article, they understand that what I want.