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Summary: Where to Buy Thai Benjarong Porcelain in Bangkok. Shop list.


I made shop list of Benjarong Porcelain because I went to a lot of store to find Cup & Saucer of Benjarong Prcelain, and I know a lot of people is interested in Benjarong because of the beacuty & luxury.

I hope this list that I made, can help your shopping!

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Map (Google Map)

  • Purple Mark: Shop & Specility Store
  • Red Mark: Shopping Center

Explanation of Each Shop

  • I wrote [No Visit] after shop name for the shop i never been.
  • The order of the shop is from north side of bangkok.

Benjarong Porcelain Shop & Speciality Shop

These shop are selling Benjarong Porcelain mainly. I wrote additional information In case they sell other porcelain or ceramic.

1. Baan Kaew Benjarong (JJ Mall)

Ground floor in JJ Mall. Cup & Saucer Set: 650 THB or more.

Place:Ground floor G9 in JJ Mall
Working Time:No Data

2. Pienong Benjarong(JJ Mall)

Branch of Pienong Benjarong(JJ Plaza). Price is same with main store (JJ Plaza) and main shop have more line up.  But easy to see products more tha main shop. Cup & Saucer Set is 850 THB or more.

Place:Ground floor G54 in JJ Mall
Working Time:08:30~19:00(Open Everyday)

3. Boonyarat Benjarong (JJ Mall)[No Visit]

They have good home page & selling online also. Cup & Saucer Set: 1,000 THB or more.

Place: Ground floor G54 in JJ Mall
Working Time: 10:00~18:00(Open Everyday)
Home Page: HERE

4. Pienong Benjarong(JJ Plaza) / Main Store

They have 4 branch (include main store) and have factory at Samut Sakorn provience. Except benjarong porcelain, they are selling Raster Pearl, Porcelain that decoration of gold, Celadon Ceramic. They also have Celadon Ceramic with Benjarong colored one but it’s a few sets. Cup & Saucer Set: 850 THB or more. 

Place: JJ Plaza E8
Working Time: 08:30~19:00(Open Everyday)
Home Page: HERE

5. Jirada Ceramics(Weekend Market)

Cup & Saucer Set is 380 THB or more.  This is lowest price I ever saw. but this is half docorating cup. so full benjarong design is 550 THB. But 550 THB is also really low price!

Quality? I don’t think it’s bad. Anyway you shoudl check this shop if you have plan to go to weekend market!

Place:Jatujak Weekend Market Section17 Soi9/1
Working Time:08:00~19:00(Wed~Sun)

6. JJ Benjarong(Weekend Market)

Very famous Benjarong Porcelain store in Jatujak Weekend Market. I saw this shop in magazines or free papers many times.

products are really unique. I never seen a cross of benjarong porcelain except this shop.

Cup & Saucer Set is 650 THB or more. (or 1,800B per 3 sets) .

they have price board in front of products. It’s easy to check price.

Place:Jatujak Weekend Market Section19 Soi6/1
Working Time:08:00~18:30(Fri~Sun)

7. Sakkarin Handcraft(Weekend Market)

Very near with “5. Jirada Ceramics”. I visited this shop but almost close becauase of time. So I cound check their price and line up few products. Their price line is not so different with “5. Jirada Ceramics” the lowest price shop.
Anyway the shop is very near i think you should visit this shop also if you visit Weekend Market and would like to buy Benjarong products.

Place:Jatujak Weekend Market Section17 Soi11
Working Time:08:00~19:00(Wed~Sun)

8. Narai Phand(Near BTS Chitlom)

Ground floor of Intercontinental Hotel near BTS Chitlom Station. It’s very famous shop for Thai Souvenir.

A joint venture between the Ministry of Industry and the private sector, Naraiphand has evolved to become the largest Thai Handicrafts center in Thailand.

Cup & Saucer Set is 1,500 THB or more. Normally they sell only pair or 4 sets or more with boxes. They doesn’t sell only a cup or a plate. Naraiphand is selling not only Benjarong but also Seladon Ceramic or other Thai hand craft or products for Thai Souvenir.

Price range is not so low but they are in downtown & easy to access becauase they open every day.

Quality should be good, because of joint venture the Ministry of Industry in Thailand.

Working Time:No Data
Home Page : HERE


9. Thai Isekyu(Between BTS Asoke & Nana)[No Visit]

Benjarong Specialized shop. Japanese owner. You also can join the class to make own Benjarong Porcelain (Need booking)

10. Stella Hobby Lounge Art cafe(Soi Ekamai 12)[No Visit]

Benjarong Specialized shop. You also can join the class to make own Benjarong Porcelain (Need booking)

Working Time:No Data
Facebook Page : HERE

11. Siam Ceramic Handmade[No Visit]

Siam Ceramic Handmade is 3rd floor at “River City Bangkok” along Chaopraya River, bangkok side. I never been to this store but they have really good web site.

Cup & Saucer Set is 3,000 THB or more.  So price line is really high. But design is qunique that i never saw other shop. They also have shop in Phuket.

Place:3rd Floor River City Bangkok, No.325-326
Working Time:No Data
Facebook Page : HERE

Shopping Center

1. Exotic Thai at Siam Paragon(Near BTS Siam)

“Exotic Thai” is in 4th floor at Siam Paragon, one of the bggest and luxuary shopping center near BTS Siam station. “Exotic Thai” is shop complex for hand craft and Souvenir of Thai.

Cup & Saucer Set is 3,000 THB or more.  So, this is the most expensive store that I have visitted.

Place:4th floor, Siam Paragon
Working Time:10:00~22:00

2. Craft Village at MBK Center(Near BTS National Studium)

MBK center, one of the most famous shopping center for tourist, also have shop zone for Thai Souvenir.

It’s named “Craft Village”. they doesn’t have specialized shop for Benjarong Porcelain. But some shops are selling a few of Benjarong.

These price is completely uncertain becauase they said “discount for you, discount for you. how much you can pay?” or something.

I can recommend for someone like negotiation…

Cup & Saucer Set is 800 THB or more. 

Place:6th floor, MBK Shopping Center
Working Time:10:00~22:00(Open Everyday but depends on shop owner)


Map (Google Map)

  • Purple Mark: Shop & Specility Store
  • Red Mark: Shopping Center


Quality and Line up

I went to see a lot of shop to find my benjarong but at last I haven’t decided yet. hahaha

Before i tought all of Benjarong is looks like same design, but i knew that they have a lot of design , quality, and price also.

Jenjarong is hand craft product so size of all of dot is not same but one of good quality one, they have almost same size of dot. so i thought it is the one of how to check quality also.


Summarization & Recommendation

  • If you woudl liek to buy Benjarong as low price. and you have time on Wed – Sun. I recommend you to go to Weekend Market.
  • If you woudl liek to buy Benjarong as low price. and you have time only Mon-Tue. I recommend you to go to JJ Mall.
  • if you don’t have to concern price so much and you need good quality one. I recommend you to go to Narai Phand.


P. S

If you know good shop to buy Benjarong Porcelain except this list. Please kindly tell me by comment or twitter.

And i know my english is really poor. but if some one who have time, please kindly give me advice for correct English.

Thank you for read my article「Summary: Where to Buy Thai Benjarong Porcelain in Bangkok. Shop list.